SPARKS Conference ePosters

Catastrophic costs in rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis-affected households and their determinants in the Republic of Moldova
Ana Ciobanu et al.
Person-centred care to improve MDR/RR-TB treatment: A multidisciplinary psychosocial support and harm reduction intervention for MDR/RR-TB patients with harmful use of alcohol in Minsk, Belarus
Rebecca Harrison et al.
Tuberculosis incidence rates and their social determinants 2005-2015: an ecological analysis across 116 countries to support TB prevention
Fiona Alma Költringer et al.
Knowledge, attitudes, and access related to case management, community social workers, and health extension workers among vulnerable households in Amhara region, Ethiopia
Sarah Quinones et al.
Cost of care in patients with psychiatric illness in rural South India
M. Madonne Rufina Dishani et al.
Projecting the potential health and poverty impact of COVID-19 control measures
Sedona Sweeney et al.
Enrolment, linkages, and gaps in Ethiopian Community Based Health Insurance: a cross-sectional study
Essa Chanie Mussa et al.

The household financial burden of non-communicable diseases in low- and middle-income countries: A Systematic Review
Phuong Tran et al.
Social protection for health in Ecuador during the Venezuelan influx of refugees and migrants
Irene Torres et al.
Integrating Social Protection and Health Financing to advance UHC in Kenya: the potential of Community-Based Health Insurance targeting vulnerable pregnant and lactating women in light of Covid-19
Yu Tsukioka et al.
Alcohol policy as catalyst for UHC and SDGs
Maik Dünnbier

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