Luan Nguyen, MPH.

Friends for International TB Relief (FIT)


Luan Vo is Chairman of Friends for International TB Relief (FIT) and Country Director for Interactive Research and Development Viet Nam (IRD VN). Since 2014, FIT has been developing a community-based TB care model in Vietnam called Proper Care, which focuses on case finding, patient-centric care and broad stakeholder engagement. FIT is piloting a Private Provider Interface Agency that aims to improve private sector transparency and quality of TB care. Both project support the NTP’s Zero TB Vietnam initiative that aims to bend the curve. IRD VN is supporting the programmatic introduction of delamanid. Prior to Vietnam Luan spent two years with Operation ASHA in India and before that Luan worked for five years in financial advisory, operational consulting and mergers and acquisition support at KPMG in Frankfurt and New York. Luan holds a bachelor’s in biomedical engineering and mathematics from the University of Pennsylvania and an MPH from LSHTM.

Research keywords: tuberculosis, community-based interventions, entrepreneurship, management, accounting


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