Francis Farai Chikuse, PhD

Medical Scientist, Public Health Practitioners
Pathcare, Clinical Pathology


I am a PhD in Public Health, Honours in Medical Laboratory Sciences holder. Essential attributes: Clinical pathology diagnostic work in Medical Microbiology, Haematology, Clinical Chemistry, Immunology, Molecular Diagnostics, Blood Bank and Blood Transfusion Science. Experience in conducting, monitoring and evaluation, designing and managing complex public health projects including HIV and TB projects at community, organizational and partner levels with special emphasis on disease prevention and control, epidemiology and surveillance and other health information systems. Currently conducting research on MDR-TB diagnosis, treatment, epidemiology and social protection among vulnerable groups in resources constrained settings and high HIV and AIDS burden.


Chikuse F.F. (2018). A Peer Review of the Relationship of Socio-Economic Status on Contraction of Tuberculosis among Tb Patients in Windhoek District, Namibia: A Public Health Practice Perspective. Texila International Journal of Public Health: 6 (2).

Chikuse F.F. (2018). A Peer Review of the Assessment of Knowledge and Treatment Seeking Behavior among Tuberculosis and Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Patients: A Case Control Study. Texila International Journal of Public Health: 6 (3).

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