Ahmad Fuady, MD, MSc

Lecturer, Researcher
Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia


Ahmad Fuady is working at the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia, and is currently pursuing his PhD at Erasmus MC University Medical Centre, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His works focus on tuberculosis in Indonesia, its socioeconomic impacts to households-affected tuberculosis, and the implementation of universal health coverage in Indonesia.


A Fuady, TAJ Houweling, M Mansyur, JH Richardus. Catastrophic total costs in tuberculosis-affected households and their determinants since Indonesia’s implementation of universal health coverage. Infectious diseases of poverty 7 (1), 3. 2018.

A Fuady, T Houweling, M Mansyur, JH Richardus. Adaptation of the tool to estimate patient costs questionnaire into Indonesian context for tuberculosis-affected households.Acta Medica Indonesiana 50 (1), 3-10. 2018.

A Fuady, TAJ Houweling, M Mansyur, E Burhan, JH Richardus. Effect of financial support on reducing the incidence of catastrophic costs among tuberculosis-affected households in Indonesia: eight simulated scenarios. Infectious diseases of poverty 8 (1), 10. 2019.

Research keywords: Tuberculosis, universal health coverage, health economics, catastrophic costs, Indonesia


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